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Display By Manufacturer

  • Humane Restraint

    Leather and Polypropylene Restraints, Strait Jacket

  • Grip System

    Reduce many injuries caused by steel restraints

  • Smith & Wesson

    Handcuffs, leg irons and transport restraints

  • Peerless

    Handcuffs, leg irons and transport restraints

  • ASP

    Steel and disposable restraints

  • Other

    Other manufacturers and their products

Display By Body Part

  • Wrist or Arms

    Handcuffs, Arm Straps, Medical Restraints

  • Ankles

    Leg Irons, Hobbles, Ankle Straps, Medical Restraints

  • Head

    Protective Helmet, Transport Hoods, Split Protection

  • Torso

    Belly Chains, Transport Belts, Waist Chains

  • Wrist Ankle Combos

    Combination and Transport Restraints

  • Restraint Systems

    Multi-Point, Restraint Chair, Restraint Bed

Display By Tactical Situation

Featured Restraints

If you don't see what you need, please call us. We can customize most restraints to meet your exact specification.
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